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Communication Is Key

What’s important is that your invoice design communicates clearly with your customers. When you send this form to customers, you want them to take one look at it and clearly understand all of the following:

  • What products or services were purchased
  • Whether payment is due (paid partially or in full)
  • Dates products and services were purchased or contracted for completion
  • Exact amount of money due
  • Due dates and deadlines for payment
  • Important terms of agreement surrounding the sale
  • Company the invoice was sent from

If one or more of these points is unclear, your form will fail as a form of communication between you and your clients. This could lead to disputes with clients or may give some dishonest customers room to argue that they don’t need to pay the amount stated on the invoice.

You can avoid those hassles by using free printable invoice form to create professional forms that contain all of the information needed to document sales in your business. This will mean something different to every business because it depends on what you sell, whom you sell it to, how you send it to your customers and specific demands of your industry.

The Importance of Customization

You can find thousands of free invoices online printable and copy anyone of them, but it is important that you customize the form for your business. You don’t want to use a generic form because it won’t represent your company accurately. When you customize an invoice with your slogan and/or logo, you communicate from which business the invoice is coming from, while reminding the customer of your company every time they see this form in the future.

You can use all of the free invoice templates to print and samples found on this site to create custom invoices. These forms serve as examples to guide your design choices. We want to make it easy for you to create effective invoices that are unique to your business. A customized document is far more likely to help you collect payment than a generic form that doesn’t fit your brand.

The Invoice from Both Ends

Why are they so important in the business world? For such a simple form, there is a lot of emphasis placed on this type of documentation, and for good reason. Whether you are starting a brand new company or are operating a well-established one, your invoices are key to collecting payment for your products and services. You can’t stay in business without payment in full from every client, so that alone is what makes this an important document.

They are also used for a variety of other purposes by many businesses. To understand the full importance of this document, you must understand how companies and clients use them.

How businesses use them

An invoice does far more than tell a client that they owe money; it is a tracking and documentation form critical for many companies organization. Consider this list that details just some of the ways a business may use their copy of all invoices sent to customers:

  • Proof that notification of payment due was sent to customers on certain dates
  • Record keeping for long-term payment arrangements or running tabs
  • Delivery of critical terms of agreement to customers (proof of receipt)
  • Documentation of exact products and services delivered, ordered, picked up
  • Numbered receipt or ticket for product pick-up at a later date
  • Record-keeping for tax purposes
  • Required documentation to accompany packages sent internationally

There are many other ways in which a company may use an invoice, and there are some very specific applications to different industries. You may have special purposes in mind for the invoices you want to create. Keep those uses in mind as you browse our sample invoices and determine which one is best customized to fit your needs.

How customers use them

Some customers may roll their eyes and cry when they receive an invoice, especially if it regards a large expenditure they weren’t expecting or didn’t want to make. Other customers will give the form one quick glance before sending off payment and filing it away. If you sell to businesses, they will probably keep all of them for documentation of when they made the purchase, to whom they purchased from and what they paid out for those products and services.

In some cases, customers will use your invoice to determine when they need to reorder products or schedule future services. This is why it is so important to customize your forms. You want them to think of your business in a professional, positive manner when will come the time to reorder or reschedule your services.

How to Send Invoices

You will find printable invoices (print an invoice) on this site as well as PDF invoices that are easy to deliver online. Whether you operate an online business or deal only with local customers, these invoices are easy to download, customize, print or send through e-mail (fill in and print invoices).