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Why Do I Need to Use an Invoice Template?

You worked hard creating your business. After all your work you made your first sale-congratulations! However without a proper invoice, it’s as if your sale did not exist. Keeping clear records of your charges using a free invoice template can help your business grow in three fundamental ways:

1. Invoices provide organized records of your customer purchases and charges. Need to monitor your revenue? No problem, just look at your easily accessible invoices! A customer is disputing a charge or would like a refund? Invoices provide you with proof of transactions that you can take back to your customers. Need to monitor your inventory? Our free templates have your back with the ability to write detailed descriptions of the goods you have sold. You can even export data using an invoice template excel feature or save as a PDF to be used in your accounting. Simply convert the PDF into an invoice template word document and you’ll be able to have all your documents organized.

2. A professional invoice will assure customers they are interacting with a legitimate business. Maybe you didn’t go to the top business school in the country or don’t have aspirations of becoming a big real estate mogul, but it is still important to create a brand for your business. Using any one blank invoice template out of our hundreds of designs will help your customers see that your business is organized, efficient and trustworthy. Would you do business with a person who writes an invoice on a napkin? You can even upload your own logo to your invoice creating more awareness for your brand.

3. Keep records of detailed transactions on one invoice. On a blank invoice template you can add more than your basic item name and cost- with unlimited character space you can keep as many comprehensive notes for each good sold or service provided. This can come in handy during tax season when you will have to fill out forms accurately that are much more complicated than our templates. Well-kept invoices are also a valuable tool in calculating your business growth as they can show you your best sellers and maybe goods or services you should reconsider. Convert your invoices into an invoice template google docs file and you can keep all of your business information in one convenient location.

Every Invoice Template Allows for Different Delivery Options

Gone are the days of handwritten invoices that can be stained, torn or lost forever in the mail. If you love keeping hard copies you can download and print your invoices from our site in PDF form. Better yet you can export your sales data using our invoice template excel feature (invoice template word and invoice template Google Docs features not available yet). You can even print multiple copies of your invoices: one for your customer, one for yourself, and another one for the customer when they are late with their payment. If the internet is more your speed, bills are able to be sent via email to your customers. Customers can even pay their balance using our online system! And once you build up your steady clientele or develop your best seller you are able to copy your invoices from our system and just change the goods sold or customer information. No need to create a new bill every time you make a sale!

Our System Allows for Easy Billing

You spent years developing your skills, crafting your goods, and making a name for your business. All that work deserves reward and no reward is more necessary than money. Luckily every invoice you send allows seamless billing between you and your customers. Create and send a bill using a free invoice template or print a bill in seconds that you can mail to your customer or send via email. Save your invoice as a pdf, as an invoice template excel file or as an invoice template word file to allow for every customer to receive your bill. Our system even includes online payment so that you can collect money and fulfill your invoice in no time.

Free Invoice Template Can be Easily Customized for Your Needs

Every customer is different so shouldn’t their invoices be too? Keep track of every blank invoice template you’ve used to keep a record of every unique purchase as well as any notes regarding the transaction. Maybe a customer had a specific request or needed an extra service- all this information can be included on your invoice in both the “description” box or “terms and conditions” box. You can add much more information using our system than if you were to use an invoice template google docs feature. Maintaining detailed notes about transactions and customers will also be beneficial during tax season where your invoices can provide a clear picture of your business practices.

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