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Give Customers a Choice

Invoicing seems so simple in theory. You print out an invoice and hand it to local customers while finding a way to deliver an electronic one to customers located further away. Nowadays, there is a third option that complicates the process a little bit more. This is the option to provide both an electronic and printed receipt or to give customers the choice between those both options.

Benefits of an Electronic Delivery

Why should you even consider using a blank invoice form PDF to create electronic invoices? Can’t you go to any office supply store and purchase paper forms that you can fill out by hand whenever it is needed? Those paper forms are outdated and have many drawbacks, including:

  • Long-term expense
  • Travel time to purchase
  • Unprofessional appearance
  • Generic formats
  • Lack of customization/branding
  • Unsuitable for online sales

Online forms fix all of these problems. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using an invoice form you find online rather than paying for paper forms over and over again.

Go the Extra Mile for Customer Care

Consumers love to feel in control of their financial investments. They notice when a company goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service and they feel more comfortable working with those businesses. One way that you can give a customer that sense of control is to give them choices. The choice between electronic and printed invoices is just one choice you can offer.

Fast Confirmation

You can send a PDF invoice to a customer in just minutes when it is delivered through the Internet. It takes much longer to print it out and send it through the mail. For local customers, you can offer electronic invoices to make them avoid the inconvenience of coming to your office to pick it up.

If you arrange for services or products to be purchased through the internet or over the telephone, clients will appreciate electronic delivery of their invoice. This is especially true when your invoice serves double duty as a receipt of payment as well as an accounting of products and services purchased.

If a customer still wants a printed copy of the form, they can print it from their PDF copy or you can send them one. You also may have them check the PDF version for mistakes before you print and mail a paper copy of the invoice.

Automate Your Business

If your customers purchase electronic goods online, you can use a blank commercial invoice PDF form to deliver an automated, instant accounting of their purchase. Receipts are often delivered through pop-ups or forms on a special screen immediately, following an online purchase. You can use a blank invoice template Word for the invoice design of your choice to create these automated and receipt forms.

Paper forms are unsuitable to online sales because you have to fill them out by hand and mail them to customers. This is an inconvenience and unnecessary expense when you can quickly send your invoices through the Internet.

Professional Designs

There is something unofficial about receipts or invoices completed by hand. In many cases, your customers will struggle to read your handwriting or those of your representatives. When you use a blank invoice PDF to create electronic forms, you end up with a more professional appearance. This gives your company a greater sense of authenticity and makes life easier for your representatives and customers.

Select and Send in Less Time

PDF-formatted invoice templates are perfect for grab-and-go operations. When you need an invoice fast, you will find that our templates are professional enough to represent your company even without extensive customization. You may want to add in your company name, but you can use these forms without doing any extra work.

If you have a customer waiting for the invoice and you are eager to receive payment, this is the fastest way to deliver something you proudly stand behind. It doesn’t take much time to select a form, since we have so many commercial options that offer the prestige every business needs for their brand. It is fast to fill the form out with the information regarding the purchase and send it electronically to your client.

Your clients won’t wait for the invoice, and you won’t wait for payment. It’s a win-win for both sides. If you’re ready to earn your profit, grab a blank template from our collection and send it off today.