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What You Need to Know Upfront

Before you start creating your own invoices, you need to answer a few questions. This basic information will help you design a form that meets all of your business needs and communicates with your customers effectively.

How Can You Use It?

Before you make it, you have to answer one big question: what is an invoice? If you don’t know what it is and how to use it in a business context, you won’t be able to design a form that does its job well.

Most people understand that it is a form requesting payment from a customer. This is the most basic use of this tool, but many businesses use the forms in a wide variety of ways. In some instances, an invoice can also be a receipt when the payment is received immediately upon completion of an in-home or in-office service.

In other cases, they may serve as written contracts when a field technician writes out the terms of a verbal agreement and asks the customer to sign the invoice. Both the technician and the customer will keep a copy of the invoice in this case. Sometimes, a new one is delivered to request payment midway through a job or when the work is completed.

What Data Does an Invoice Display?

Now, you understand the ways your business can use a commercial invoice. However, what information should you include on your form? This is flexible based on the nature of your company, but the common information is:

  • Itemized list of services or products
  • Prices charged for each item
  • Sales tax and other added fees
  • Name of the company offering services or products
  • Customer receiving products or services
  • Contact information
  • Terms of service
  • Date of purchase/service
  • Future dates for delivery or service
  • Date of invoice
  • Due dates for payment

Note that terms of service can include a wide variety of information that is key to your business. For instance, you may include details of your return policy or a statement that all sales are final. You may use standard agreement terms that go out on your form each time an invoice is produced or customize this information in a designated field, depending on the nature of each sale.

The Fastest Way to Generate It

You could open Word or Excel to create your own form from scratch, but you would still need a good sample or template to guide your work. How to create an invoice? This can take a lot of time and not all business owners have enough knowledge of these programs to quickly generate effective forms (or invoices & estimates).

Remember, it will represent your company and make a statement about your brand. You want a professional appearance and a comprehensive overview that contains all the information needed to communicate with your customers clearly.

The fastest way to create a form that is efficient and well suited for your brand is to use our invoice maker. You get to decide what information your form represents and how it is presented. However, you don’t have to waste time doing all of the formatting manually.

Our invoice generator is accessible through the Internet, so you don’t need to purchase and download software. This keeps your computer system safe without requiring you to give up computer space to a program you may never need to use again. Just log in, generate your unique form, and keep the final product on your computer.

If you need to create multiple forms for different purposes or different types of customers you often deal with, you can generate different types of forms with this site (estimate invoice template). You can even create a couple options and then take them to someone higher in your company for final approval. Everything is generated on your terms and is designed to fit your professional needs.